Thursday, October 05, 2006

FAQ 2006 SA48HR Experience

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. Enchanted Springs Ranch is a big place. How do I know where to film?

A. You will draw for your ranch location, just as you would draw for a prop at any other 48 Hour film event. The difference is that you will receive a specific area of the ranch to film in, AND you will receive a 4 Hour TIME BLOCK in which to film that part of your movie.

Photos of the assigned LOCATIONS will be available on this website next week for you to review.

Remember, only ONE SCENE of your film needs to be filmed in the location that you draw. The rest of the film can be in your own backyard, or wherever your script takes you.

Q. But I want to film my entire movie in the Enchanted Springs Ranch – how do I do that in one 4 Hour TIME BLOCK?

A. This location will only allow us to have the assigned 4 Hour TIME BLOCK for each team.

Q. I have a full grip and lighting package I want to use. Where can I plug in my equipment in the ranch?

A. Because this is a working ranch, very little AC power exists. We will have approximately 15 AMPS of 110 AC available in each of the 10 areas used for shooting. This will not be enough to power lights, only small camera equipment, monitors, etc. If you need to power large lights, you will need to provide your own blimped generator.

Q. The team across the street is really making a lot of noise and disturbing our shoot. Can you make them be quiet?

A. Unfortunately, due to the unique nature of this film experience, we can‘t control what other teams do. We have made efforts to schedule the LOCATIONS far enough away that we hope that isn’t a problem. And we will rely on the good judgement of each of the teams to help this experience run smoothly.

Q. Can we submit our final film on DVD or VHS?

A. No, all final films are due on mini-DV tapes, NTSC standard.

Q. How much of a script should we/can we have completed prior to the date?

A. Most 48 hour film events require that no script be written prior to the Friday night drawing. We will follow this protocol, and when you submit your film, you will sign a FILM COMPLETION form stating that you did NO pre-scripting for the film.

Q. We are to bring our own camera, but will there be any other equipment to use (lights, mics, etc)?

A. You will need to bring any equipment required by your script to make your film. We will have some electricity available, but only for recharging batteries, etc.

Q. What will be the ownership status when we finish our project?

A. You will own the film, but the SA48HR Film Experience will have rights to duplicate it and distribute it, but not sell it. (we want to be able to use it for promotional purposes)

Q. Is there a minimum time, or just the maximum of 8 minutes?

A. No, just a maximum of 8 minutes.

Q. What do we need to consider when scoring the film--i.e. music rights, etc?

A.You will need to have all rights secured for all the elements of your film, including music. Most producers use original music.


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