Friday, November 14, 2008

That's right - Every film must follow the same THEME

The 2008 San Antonio 48 Hour Film Experience is right around the corner! And this year, there is a new twist. In addition to having to draw for a genre, line of dialogue, prop, and a location type, you will have to make your film fit into this year's THEME. Interpret it as you like, but please try to create your films to fit this new theme.

Check out the theme announcement on our site, or use this link...

Need more general information about the event? Read this description.

Registrations are now online, so sign up today! And remember, the SA48HR Film Experience is still only $35 per team to enter. Thanks this year to Dean at SalsaNet and Ideagin, Blonde Creative, and everyone else who helps us make this event possible.

See you on December 5th! (Location to be announced soon)


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