Wednesday, November 21, 2007

2007 Genres, Characters and Dialogue

The 2007 San Antonio 48 Hour Experience is almost here. Here are the genres that teams will draw from Friday night (November 30th):

Film Noir
Holiday Story
Soap Opera

Here are the characters:

Roberto - the Spaniard from Bosnia
Lili - the waitress
Sam - the insurance adjuster
Carpacio - and Italian automotive designer
Alicia - the nervous driving instructor
Arthur - the wealthy hotel owner
Perry - the gay novelist
Slim - an large landlord
Terence - a mysterious filmmaker
Rafael - a magician
Sher'ee (with three e's) - a trendy homeless person
Tina - the well-intentioned gossip
Enrique - the actor with his first Sundance film
Sniffles - an allergy prone young adult
Chris - the lousy wrestler

Here are the lines of dialogue:

"I can't believe you want me to do that."
"Why does this always happen when you're around?"
"For crying out loud, are you serious?
"If you include this in your plan, no one can stop you."
"I think I love you."
"You know, I really hate it when you do that."
"For the love of Mike - can you get a hold of yourself?"
"I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to remove that."
"In this scene, nothing happens."
"If I were a bird, what kind of a bird would you be?"
"Sir, this is serious - I think he's dead."
"That's not the way I heard it."
"We can get those anywhere."
"For what its worth, I think you're cheap AND trashy."
"Is this as good as it gets?"

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